…a beautiful gift. time.

it is so easy to confuse vulnerability for weakness. but why get so caught up with being bigger than life, than your life…than who you really are? recently i have regained an enormous amount of strength and beauty in being exactly who i am. my challenges are nourished by my tears and my tears have allowed those challenges to transform into countless stories and each story shapes who i am. i never viewed my tears as a gift before but what an amazing gift the ability to cry is. countless tears have been my source of comfort. i am grateful to be my own source of comfort. there is an enormous sense of strength in that knowledge. i have beautiful gifts. unique gifts. stories. unique stories. stories of a one of a kind life. stories of a rez girl growing up a tomboy. stories of a rez girl born of a clan, born to run, born to give life, born to lead, born to love, born to live. stories of pain. stories of loss. stories of a naïve, stubborn rez girl transforming into a strong, beautiful, motivated, diné woman who allows herself to be truly seen and understood, just as she is. i know there is beauty and strength (nourished by struggle) in the ability to feel deeply for others and the ability to cherish others over oneself without losing who you are. my strength and beauty come from knowing exactly who i am, knowing where i come from and trusting myself…Sa’ah naaghaii bik’eh hozho. if you are struggling and are hurting believe in yourself. trust yourself. love yourself. be yourself. you will get stronger. cherish time especially if you know how much you don’t have.

may endless happiness, goodness and peace be yours…