I am a member of the Navajo Nation, red running into the water clan (Táchii’nii), an educator, and (almost) PhD graduate. Always love, kindness, smiles and endless possibilities♥


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello there, I’m so glad you stopped by and followed my blog as now I know of your existence and look forward to seeing/learning more; I love your art and all that I see so far! 🙂

    (FYI I’ve updated my Tribal Teachings vs. colonist values blog post that you liked; it needed some sources and additional important information, and I will be changing the “power” point under colonist values as it’s not quite right; maybe power-overing or something like that…). Anyways, I am glad to meet you. 🙂


      • After working for the independent for several years I found my way into education- I now work in Navajo, NM. Good for you for getting your Doctorate- any chance you will bring that degree and experience “home”?


      • Craig, I absolutely want to teach in New Mexico. My entire family is there and my mom’s health is deteriorating. I have been getting back at least once a month since October. What do you teach? -J

      • Joyce,
        I am an instructional Coach for the mid school here. Next year, unless politics get in the way, I hope to be a principal or assistant principal at a school in the district. Hopefully, closer to Gallup where my support system is. If I were you I would definitely be looking at central consolidated schools, it seems they are doing some good stuff up there.

      • Yes, CCSD is where I would look first and you are right, they are doing some good work with language, teaching, and curriculum. My PhD emphasis is disability studies. Good luck with the new position next year. -J

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